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10+ Funny Conversation Between Two Friends

I remember that day when I felt embarrassed to meet women. I need to go out or go to the gym ... and I will try everything: Eye contact talk ... Hell, I tried to dance too. But it does not matter ... it's never good. Why not? Because females can "smell" so frustrating. And you might have guessed, that is not the most attractive smell we can take. But today I want to talk about something else - I want to show you how to expect a subgroup, argument or a woman. Why do you want it? Because the truth is that the best way to take a wife is that she will not like it. What if you "work hard" with a new wife? It looks rounded, but it's true. Here's what: If you work hard to take a wife, then it is clear - even a person who is not very smart or smart. The worst thing is that a woman, when she is trying to take it, wakes it up, she can easily make it uncomfortable or defensive. On the other hand, the possibilities are endless when you are in a social environment with a woman and you do not do anything in addition to social activities. Yes, sex is always one of the potential consequences - I say that it should not be in your head. However, this may not be your target. So what are you doing? I have found 9 different ways to start a conversation with a woman appearing in the "desperate" form and all based on the evidence and my own experience. I start with the most basic strategies and together we work in the way to the most advanced people. Strategies 1-3: Preparation First strategies with exiting and feminine preparation begin. For many men, the key to successful nights is the right attitude. 1) Be Real It should not be difficult to be real - in reality there should not be any effort. I know that it is known as "you", but honestly, you have to do it. Just refuse to include "personalities" that you think women will love. This is an important step, because if you "fake" it and meet a woman you choose again, then when he finds out that you have done something he will lie to you. 2) Make a list An easier way to start a conversation with a new woman is to keep a list of people who have started a conversation and stay up-to-date. You do not have to take it with you, but you should update it regularly. Make sure the topics of your list are of common interest and the things you really are interested in. Do you like movies, TV shows or comedy? These are all good topics to talk about the woman you met! After the conversation starts, it will move in a systematic way, and next time you do not have to worry about the list. 3) Practice in the mirror In the end, she looks stupid, but the mirror looks pleasant and pleasant. Seriously relax your jaw and your furious muscles - maybe a little smile This sounds like you are approachable and friendly. If you look stressful or busy, you can remember ways to connect with women. Remember, your goal is to meet women and talk to them. Just the bus.